The Music of Old New England with Hunt and Allison

The MoCo Minutemen are getting ready to take the stage in June, accompanied by some very special guests! Hunt and Allison are local, multi-talented musicians specializing in the fiddle, guitar, mandolin, accordion, recorders, and more. They offer traditional American song and dance, educational programs and concerts to schools, libraries, and organizations across New England.

Hunt and Allison1

Hunt & Allison at a recent Storytime Theatre rehearsal at MoCo.

MoCo is thrilled to have Hunt and Allison joining Storytime Theatre onstage in the upcoming production of The MoCo Minutemen, an historical fiction, family-friendly musical, featuring the faces and stories of Keene during the American Revolution.

“We will be playing tunes that were played by real people during the Revolutionary War period in our nation,” says Allison. “We will be using instruments the colonists would have been familiar with- violin and recorder- and will be playing them in the style of dances that were popular at that time. You might say we will be playing the late 18th century hit parade!”

Hunt and Allison recently spent some time in MoCo’s studios, teaching kids ages 4yrs – 2nd grade traditional American dance accompanied by Hunt on his fiddle (which he made!). They will be joining the students live on stage, instruments in hand, filling the theatre with the sounds of 18th Century America!

Hunt and Allison2

Students learning traditional dance with Hunt and Allison at MoCo.

“We believe that the arts are a vital part of a child’s education,” says Allison. “Rhythmic movement, creative expression, music, art, theater, all develop the whole person in ways that strictly analytical, left-brain education cannot. The arts teach children to think creatively, to solve problems, to express feelings, to work collaboratively. Most importantly, the arts help children develop a sense beyond what can be perceived by the mind- beauty, truth, a vision for what is possible.”

Storytime Theatre presents The MoCo Minutemen, Sunday, June 12 with performances at 2:00 & 4:00pm. Tickets are $10 /person and can be purchased by visiting or calling MoCo Arts at 603-357-2100.


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