Zach G.

Zach Gavin_2When I came to MoCo on the first day I fell in love instantly because of the creative freedom you have here, and the ability to get out and put yourself out in front of people. No matter what, they give you confidence by cheering you on. If you mess up, nobody cares which is very rare. And I think that was the biggest thing, and that’s what made me fall in love with it instantly

I think the origin of making videos came from right here at MoCo. I was about 12. The first time I was involved with making a video was at C.A.K.E.. Later that fall I started making little videos by myself, then came back here every summer after that. I used to spend the entire school year writing the script for the summer movie, and it got me more excited and helped push me towards pursuing filmmaking.

When I showed one of my short film 24.5, that was the moment I realized how powerful film was and being able to get in front of people and put myself out there creatively, and take risks, and have people react to it, builds confidence and helps me have more confidence in myself and it helps you develop as an artist. I think this is one of the most healthy and best places to develop as an artist.

Growing up, the best thing C.A.K.E. did was just help me artistically go out on the edge and build confidence, and take risks that in many scenarios I would never do. I would never go out and make a video about Twinkis and Elmo, at my school and show it to people. This is the only place where people are really crazy enough to go to a point with your creativity that you can’t do anywhere else.

MoCo Arts will change your life, that’s the only thing I can say. It will literally change you, it will make you more outgoing, it will make you more confident, and it will make you into a person that no other program can do.”

Currently, I am planning to pursue a career in filmmaking. I will graduate this year (2014), im going to continue working on my craft this summer and go to school in the fall at Full Sail University and study filmmaking. My long term goal is to become a cinematographer, it doesn’t have to be a big Hollywood budget for me to be happy, I just want to be making films and telling stories with the camera, that’s all I want in my life and that’s all I need to be happy.”

– Zach G.

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Zach G. May 20, 2014

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