Celebrating 25 Years of Transforming Lives Through Movement and Creative Expression

Happy Birthday MoCo Arts! 25 years ago The Moving Company Dance Center was born in an abandoned machine shop on Railroad Street in Keene. Over the years it has evolved into the MoCo Arts we know and love today: incorporating as a 501(c)3 Nonprofit in 2000, adopting the new name ‘MoCo Arts’ in 2006, introducing a new logo in 2008, and nurturing arts education programming along the way.

Over the coming season we will celebrate MoCo Arts with special commemorations, goodies, and social media fun!

Check out our History of MoCo Arts timeline currently installed in the MoCo Arts lobby. Featuring organizational highlights, newspaper articles, photographs, and more, this timeline is a historical ride through MoCo’s history.

WEB_Bulletin Board1

‘History of MoCo Arts’ timeline in MoCo Arts lobby at 76 Railroad Street, Keene.


An early photograph of MoCo Arts from the ‘History of MoCo Arts’ timeline.

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