Apply For Tuition Assistance Towards Spring Semester

MoCo is accepting applications for Tuition Assistance towards our Spring classes and School Vacation Camps. Apply today! Assistance is awarded based on the financial need of each application and can be awarded up to 70% of tuition. Applications are due December 15.

How to Apply For Tuition Assistance

  • 1) Download, print, and fill out a copy of the Tuition Assistance Application. (Copies are also available in the MoCo Arts lobby.)
  • 2) The following forms are required to apply:
    • Applicants (or parents if under 18) two most recent paystubs.
    • IRS 1040 (only SSN# may be blacked out) listing the applicant as either taxpayer or dependent

If you don’t have an IRS 1040, the following will be considered as proof of need:

– OTHER (Please ask if you are unsure.)
-NH Department of Health & Human Services Notice of Decision (Food Stamps)
-Proof of Social Security

  • 3) Return the completed documents to MoCo by mail or by dropping them off at the front desk by the application deadline (see dates below).
  • 4) If you have any questions please call MoCo at 603-357-2100, we are happy to help.

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